Reviews for "Break."

I totally understand.

I work alone too, and it's really a great feeling to have this piece of art that was made completely by you. I like your style, and the music fit nicely. The only thing that kept my score from being higher was the short length of the movie....but it's understandable when you have so much other stuff going on! Good luck on your future projects!


And just plain freaky for letting me crave for icecream. The background colors, really bright pastel-y colors, the green/white/yellow/pink, left me CRAVING FOR ICECREAMICECREAM oh lawd.

Anyway, that was cute. Especially the music. Though, did you get inspired by the music to make this, did you find it at random and figured it'd go nice with it, or did you make the music/let someone make it according to the animation? I wonder.

MorrowDays responds:

I did the music myself after animating it :)

Not for me.

Was creative but I didn't love it so much. Or at all.

MorrowDays responds:



Don't know why some people voted 0 on this, it kicked ass!


I quite enjoyed it actually. Very odd i'll admit but it was done well. To all the fools out there saying the drawing was crap, i completely disagree. Not everything is meant to be photo perfect. There where some problems with the lines on the screen on my pc. The fps where a bit messed up. Maybe that was my new screen though...