Reviews for "Break."

Awesome :D

I love the colors, the animation style, the text, the effect on the text and how he broke the computer. Liked the effect when you sort of "cut" the picture and then like masked it over the original if you know what I mean. Cool 8-bit music too, where did you make it? I know how to make 8-bit sounds in Reason, but in GarageBand?

Relaxing and fresh. Nice!

MorrowDays responds:

Thanks marcy! There's a free plug-in you can download for garageband called Magical 8-Bit, so I got it and put it into the folder the install instructions said to, and it worked just fine! :)

Loved it.

Not much to say but great flash with a message that many should consider at least once a day.


very interesting style, could use some fine tuning but it's definately worth a 10. cool stuff

Must of been a Mac

I have seen better, but considering that there is SOME effort into animation....and I assume you are a 10 year old Indonesian orphan then WOW! Excellent video! enjoy your 4!

:D liked it!