Reviews for "Break."


I love your movies so much! Your style is truly awesome. The simple abstract characters and backgrounds, and the way that everything you draw has a flowy effect. Great job.

Good Job!

This animation made my day. Thanks man.

I don't like Morals...

I can't help but feel that message was directed at myself and others like me who spend lots of time on the computer...

That sir was uncalled for...

I'd say like TonyBase

It is quite good, I love the message you send, and I was thinking, while watching it: "I gotta make a review and point out the bad quality of animation, graphics and the 8-bit music" but when I finished whatching, it was more like "Yeah.......... he kinda do that with is computer and it's work, so basically the lack of "aesthetic" quality is symbolic in the movie" that's what I think, I still take you off two points because you know... it's short and it's far from the masterpiece, even though it made me smile (I got a fuckload of schoolshit this week, exams and projects..... juste before the spring break, so i totally want to go outside...

Sorry for the messy review..... gotta get back to work.

Not too professional, but I love abstract stuff.

My goodness. Let me start with praising you for such a nice "magic" touch on the music. It's the kind of stuff from Disney that I remember well.

After that, any relation to Disney, especially the TYPE of music, ends.

You have to love all of the abstract stuff, since we don't get too much of it. Your point gets through clear enough that students are working too hard to get educated, YET AGAIN. The last time this problem was fixed was for Computer Science students and the birth of BASIC, and this likable little clip is perfectly what the doctor ordered, today.

The animation took a risky dive into the world of abstract cartoons mixed with glitchy environments representing your frustration, and it got the message clearly like an open-then-shut briefcase filled with moral-filled goodness. The point I see you making is that the entire concept of TEACHING is so simple that it should never be complex and frustratingly impossible as it is today. Where I come from, we have hundreds of papers that are printed as standardized tests that we take every year that have up to three questions per SHEET. Not only is this a waste of paper, but you only need to answer a percentage of the questions before you can become graded for up to 100% (based on how many of the answers you chose were correct). I don't think that I've had a free, homework-less day for a year in my school. It's like the work load suddenly tripled on the transition to a higher grade.

This animation is the perfect cry for educators to turn the amount of work the hell down and focus on actually TEACHING than just making complex forms and "learning systems" that everyone has to adjust to. Oldskool teaching for the win.