Reviews for "Break."

:D liked it!


It was ok

It was nice, but it didn't hold my attention.

I can see what you're trying to do.

I kind of get your point.

I like your graphic style... it's quirky and interesting... your choice of colors works.

The film was kind of dull and just really looked like you were learning to use a few different effects on Flash.

If you make a silent film... pick a little more interesting music... it doesn't have to be modern ofr hip or anything... just not what you had. It was a bit draggy.

Also if the character doesn't speak... have them do SOMETHING... it will take extra time to develop the piece, but it will be worth it.

could do with a lot of work

Firstly, please find some music rather than bashing fingers on your keypad.

Animation - 3/10
Storyline - 4/10
Sound - 2/10

With 24 frames a second I did expect the animation to be a lot more smoother than it was, everything looked and felt really below standard.

Keep practicing, with time, patience and dedication you'll eventually be making flash worthy of Top 10 status

Sorry to be a party pooper but...

I just didn't get it. I dont know if it was the animation that distracted me from the true message or if it was just the fact that I'm 16 and dont have a job but I just didn't like it. Take no offense as this is just a personal opinion as I can see many others liked it congratulations on the front page btw.