Reviews for "Break."

Cute and Interesting to Watch. Needs Substance.

It was very enjoyable to watch, but I elt like this could use more to it.

I still liked the premise and the video alot, just make it a bit longer. :)

MorrowDays responds:

yeah I hear ya. length comes up whenever I submit anything.

Cute bunny.

Except when he went into a rage on that computer. Damn. Who knew bunnies could eat glass. More to the point.....is that how I get to have done enough? I wish I knew earlier! I really enjoyed the music, and for some reason, the walk animation made me smile.


Not much to say, just freaking epic.

Not bad

I liked it. It was kinda strange, but cool. I liked the bunny, he looks so stupid, but also pretty funny at the same time. The plot was ehh, I guess he destroyed the computer cause he hates work. Music was cool, 8-bit stuff. It was pretty good, but kinda short.

Very fascinating

This animation was pretty cool, and alot of people could definitely refer to this piece. 8bit music was pretty good, only thing is, what was that creature? Kinda seemed like a cross between a rabbit and a bat. But thats just me...