Reviews for "Break."


i don't have any thing to say

Very cute stuff.

Nice style and the character, but I think there is a little error at the time when he crashes his computer.... the whole block with the bunny and the computer kind of goes out of place, if that's intended?

But nice music and message!


iv seen a couple things like this in the past.
and iv always wanted to see more.
you delivered.
your going on my favorites.

quite good

nice little one
freaky style, but i liked it^^

lol good luck with this.

We all know the message behind this flash, sadly some people (possibly around the age 14 - under) will look at this and cause much humor with their flames. Now if this had magical powers to turn off one's computer as the flash ended, that would be awesome.

And for the Obvious reasons.

Misinterpreted Whiners shall reign fury on this flash.
Serious people will take this seriously.
and old people will be confused like <bad word here, bah I don't need anymore crap from the internet authorities all youngsters cuss their brains out anyway>

"A wag of the finger, and a tip from the hat"

MorrowDays responds:

those darned 14 year olds! :P