Reviews for "Break."

Weird as they come

And also as interesting. Reminded me of a somebody-type animation, a la Puppy Whirl. The music was great, by the way. Are you going to put it on the audio portal?

MorrowDays responds:

yeah I think I will, glad you liked it!


I liked the animation style, and the music was very apt. But it could've used a sound effect or two...


idk it wasnt good.....and i mean animation wise.....and it really isnt that good joke or story or anithing wise.....actually i dont even see a point to watch this.........next time try to make something that we can all tell our friends about and just have to show em

MorrowDays responds:

well um..

thanks for the eight?


it is pretty recognizable :3

I loved the bunny dude

i logged in just to comment this

hah ive had so many days like this latly.
college sucks in that aspect
but this was a solid clip, made me laugh
and the animation was crude, but idk, i have a feeling you ment it to be like that
nice work, it made me laugh