Reviews for "Break."


oh I duno man, seriously..didnt see the point of it.might aswell just write "take a break" on a blank page and paste that on this whole flash o urs..which by the way will suck too but not for the whole 3 mins I wasted on this..duno how dis make it on front page.ng's reputation is at stake cuz o dez gettin thru.

MorrowDays responds:

if NG's reputation is at stake I guess I've done my job!

A jewel :]

I loved it because of the colors, the style, the mood, the music and the animation. It's awesome that each of your submittions have separate styles and sets of colors. Kinda. :3 The music here was awesome, but simple, but that was cool. And I enjoyed the cool animation, and especially the great art and background.



And just plain freaky for letting me crave for icecream. The background colors, really bright pastel-y colors, the green/white/yellow/pink, left me CRAVING FOR ICECREAMICECREAM oh lawd.

Anyway, that was cute. Especially the music. Though, did you get inspired by the music to make this, did you find it at random and figured it'd go nice with it, or did you make the music/let someone make it according to the animation? I wonder.

MorrowDays responds:

I did the music myself after animating it :)

didn't deliver it for me

i don't know, i just didn't like it. it made front page and all so there must be lot of people who digg it.

lol that's pretty good

WHOAH...Is that supposed to be a rabbit? No offense, actually I liked the style, but when I first saw it, I was like "WTF IS that??" But yeah, this totally spoke to me. My math teacher gave us a 10-page review over break that we were supposed to memorize, and THAT'S EXACTLY how I felt!

MorrowDays responds:

haha, yeah, you got it :P

it doesnt really need to be a bunny, I just figured if I didn't explain it, people would wonder what it looks like. I called it a bunny because of the ears. :)