Reviews for "Break."


its like u parrelled creepy and cute to make this crazy nucking futs flash
i like this.
its like got the just not quite anatomically correct thing and weird trippy backgrounds
and its like a infomercial or paying outside all at the same time


i always thought peeps were pure evil, thankyou for confirming my hypothosis.

Thats a bunny?

I understan use weird animation but do it more... comprensible...i don't know... I don't like this thing :/

Conejo feo que onda la verdad ni su madre le ubiera entendido a esa cosa. Paresearia que hizo los 1541 frames con flojera.


it's different alright... i get the whole concept but just this fluffy pink guy smashing up his computer and then goes outside? weirdest concept ever. ohh well it's still set in a nice mood 8/10 4/5


This was a very different, unique flash.
People on Newgrounds have developed a sense of taste towards anything with motion tweens or very very very detailed frame by frame. Yours is somewhat in the middle, and very stylized. It's very cute, the main...thingie... looked like a my-meeba thing. Very cute and trippy in a way.
Congrats on the front page, and I hope more people learn to appreciate things like this.