Reviews for "Break."

I must say

This was pretty good. It was sorta odd and out of the ordinary but I think it was well done. The song sat nice, oddly. 4/5

something about this i love

back when i was 12-13 i was always on the computer and it was always nothing to do outside lol.
my mom always told me "comon go outside get some fresh air :P"

well in my opinion the message of this was
"dont be on the computer ALL the time.go outside:D"

MorrowDays responds:

the irony is that I had to spend lots of time on the computer to do this :P

Bunny huh? I thought it was a pink shopping bag...

Seriously though, there didn't seem to be alot here.... Crappy art and animation... Nothing really happened. I suppose we all get that feeling when we've bustin our butts for a while to just get the hell out and chill, but I don't feel it was portrayed very well here... too brief and under-developed.



I agree

Going outside and going to sleep have been problems plauging the online community since the dawn of time.