Reviews for "Tranquility"

i wasn't quite sure what to think when this started. Definitely not of classical music. But I decided to keep listening.

Man, I floating away. This is beautiful material. The chord progression is so simplistic and the melodic material sounds more improvised than composed, but that contributed so much to the feeling of tranquility! This song feels unhurried, meandering through thoughts of endless self-reflection. The atmosphere that you guys paint is fantastic. Ethereal, introspective, and peaceful. It feels like I'm floating in the clouds, cool and moist breezes caressing my skin under the warmth of the summer sun. It's like the world is fading away and I'm just alive.

I'm a sucker for that delayed acoustic guitar sound. I've always loved this type of music and you guys nailed the titular emotion. Waking up to this music would be so refreshing...

Sorry, but no criticism from me. It's late and I'm floating along on the sound waves. Ahhh....

Gede responds:

It's nice that you didn't give criticism, because I don't really want that in this piece.

Wake up to this music then. :D

Awesome that this music woke those emotions there. :D

Really appreciated you writed this beautiful review. :) Thanks for your time.

NAC Judge

nice use of guitar frets and effects on that guitar :)

I like the acoustic feel of this - I also like your theme of mom making cakes hehe..

your effort shows!



Gede responds:

Nice that you saw the effort here. :))

Made my ears tingle - in a good way.

My jaw, too.

Great song to hear after having spent the past few hours in futility trying to get a new game project started. I want to be stressed out, but I gotta pause this music first for that to happen...

Gede responds:

Thanks. :)

Hopefully you will get your project started. :)

Twice I took a nap listening to this, nothing better for a work break.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.

Gede responds:

Thanks for letting us know you liked it :)

Very good, not exactly what I was looking for, but I enjoyed it none the less.

I am looking for kind of a sad theme that I could use to convey feelings of a stranger stumbling upon the ruins of a town and the memories of the people who used to live there.

This would have been good for it up until 1:52 when it takes on a happy tone. Oh well, I still enjoyed it.

Gede responds:

Yeah this doesn't fit at all with that. :D

But glad you liked it. :)