Reviews for "Tranquility"

i wasn't quite sure what to think when this started. Definitely not of classical music. But I decided to keep listening.

Man, I floating away. This is beautiful material. The chord progression is so simplistic and the melodic material sounds more improvised than composed, but that contributed so much to the feeling of tranquility! This song feels unhurried, meandering through thoughts of endless self-reflection. The atmosphere that you guys paint is fantastic. Ethereal, introspective, and peaceful. It feels like I'm floating in the clouds, cool and moist breezes caressing my skin under the warmth of the summer sun. It's like the world is fading away and I'm just alive.

I'm a sucker for that delayed acoustic guitar sound. I've always loved this type of music and you guys nailed the titular emotion. Waking up to this music would be so refreshing...

Sorry, but no criticism from me. It's late and I'm floating along on the sound waves. Ahhh....

Gede responds:

It's nice that you didn't give criticism, because I don't really want that in this piece.

Wake up to this music then. :D

Awesome that this music woke those emotions there. :D

Really appreciated you writed this beautiful review. :) Thanks for your time.

A very good melody. You nailed Tranquility. so here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to download the song and if I write a short story to it I'll PM you with a link to it.

Gede responds:

Nice, thanks in advance if you make it :)