Reviews for "star_collector"

What a nice little game :)

Really nice. I enjoyed it.

Pretty good

I liked it. Mainly the graphics, and the style and color tone of it. Gameplay was okay. Controls a little awkward, I mean, Ctrl? Even Enter is easier to hit. To tell you the truth, I got bored. It seemed to go on, and on, and ON. It seemed like it was looping... But anyway, if it really has no point or objective, make it a little shorter.


Great animations, no extreme glitches. The 2 stars lost go to lack of challenge.

It had something to it.

Nice drawings =)
I can see what you tried ;)

Gameplay falls short of visual quality.

I adore the look to this flash -- very clean and appealing. The colors are great. For some reason, I am reminded of clowns and carnivals, but this is far less creepy.

If this were a picture and nothing else, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, but unfortunately the gameplay detracts from the quality of the flash. It gets old fast. At some points it was a little laggy. I do like the way you introduced the controls and features of the game, however. Instead of telling, you SHOWED it to us.

Like somebody else said... The visuals deserve a more fulfilling and fun playing experience to go along with it. Good job though. :)