Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"

This is surprisingly accurate.

It's not your best but it's still really funny how you exaggerated the problems of poorly done anime shows--and you really didn't exaggerate all that much!

What you need for Episode 2 is the usual dumb-sounding narrated introduction of what has already happened and what the characters are currently supposed to be doing... which is usually said while the main characters are walking along an endless dirt road for no particular reason.


This successfully makes fun of every weak ass anime out there.



it got old, fast. this is obviously not your best work egoraptor. Being a huge fan of yours, this was a big disappointment.


I dunno. I thought it was just a bit funny but it got pretty annoying after a minute or so and I couldn't finish it. Good animation as always though.


I just quitted it halfway, I didnt see it was worth it...
Im disappointed...

Chomper22 said:
im kinda disapointed.. your older work was the best... i guess when we watch your work.. (or even the collabs with you and tomamoto) ... you set a bar for your self in the past, and this submission just doesnt quite reach that bar again you kinda wait for that one part thats gonna make you pee your self... and it doesnt really show up this time. voice acting was ok though.