Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"


I hate every cheap anime series. Therefore, I hate this. But, since that was the purpose, you win.


Prefect spoof!

All I can say is that I loved this submission. It is the prefect spoof of dubbed anime. Such as the english actors attempting to say difficult and odd fighting technique names. Keep them coming. Hopefully next time we shall see everyone using their secret techniques.

it was good

i wanna know what happens next plz continue

prety much all the same X_X

this is not to off from many of the poorly done animes(narutard and ect) but becuase it was like those retarded animes its not very funny
first time ive EVER seen any of your things and not laughed, but hey every one has there blunders :P

I can't believe I watched the entire thing.

Must have been all the weed.
Wait, I don't smoke.

Anyway, I expected a lot more than the same joke over and over.
I'm deeply disappointed.
But I'll get over it in a couple of seconds.