Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"


I dont know if this was intended as a dragonball parody, but it's brilliantly done :)

oh my !

let us have cyber babies but let us be serious for a moment very well done it follow your animation standards and your voice talent and it had me laughing all the way through being the anime fan i am i can see the Lolz well done


Absolutely hilarious. I love the long winded technique names.

Amplified cliches = campy, cheesy, yet funny. XD

Sooo... it takes almost every cliche in an anime and amplifies it up the ass! Although the video's a bit long, I think it's funny (albeit in a campy sort of way). The animation's pretty well done, and again, the cliches make it funny. Overall, I'll give this a fair 8/10. :3

Because of my... *sneeze* ...my bloodline!

It was like watching every poorly scripted anime ever, but that's why it was so delightfully entertaining. I suppose you'd really have appreciate how ridiculous some plot lines can be to see the greatness in this.
I thought that the 'intentionally' bad voice acting clips added a whole lot to the lol factor. As for the drawing style, they obviously weren't the best on Newgrounds, but when it's all about the audio, it'd be foolish to say that the graphics truly matter.