Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"


It's exactly like the japanese stuff they translate in english, and when that guy with the broken nose was yelling but his lips were still moving super fast added to all the wierd names and techniques and stuff, It wuz AWESOME!!!

That was as funny as it seemed it would be!

Classic. lol- that was awsome. Did you know that if you listen carefully in their you can hear someone turn their script page? lol- well whatever, I give it a ten.

What the eff?

that was totally REE DICK YOU LUSS i love it.


You just summed up every anime (except for case closed because it's actually good) in this one flash. Great animation and voice acting might i add. only thing i didnt like was all the breaks in the script, which i know was meant to emphasize the long japanese phrases, but it sort of annoyed me. overall, 10/10. keep it up.


one thing though that girl creeps me out!