Reviews for "Commercial: Thing"

I laughed.

Look! Science!
I have absolutely nothing negative to say except I laughed my pants off, which I'm sure Thing could fix or my money back.

Slick-Productions responds:

Totally will!
Thanks for liking it!


You'll get 8 for the price of 10 ha

Slick-Productions responds:

Hey! I got a 10 for the effort of an 8! Thanks!

really funny

i like the side effects , u made a song out of it (lol, pokemon, Digimon??!!?!?)

Slick-Productions responds:

Homicide, Suicide...
Yeah, Jeff Foxworthy did something similar, except he did it live, talked quickly, and was a LOT longer xD

so fuckin stupid...

...but still funny as hell! first i was like "wtf?" but then i was like "roflmao". yes, the side effects were awesome, especially the ..AND SO MUCH MORE!!! in the end. this would deserve a higher score... you really made my day. this is like the most original thing in NG lol. better favorite this or ill lose it forever into the depths of the NG search system... thank you

Slick-Productions responds:

Haha wow... thanks for the support!
I seriously didn't think it would be the MOST original thing in NG, but if you think it is, all the better for me :D


super funny. i love it. 8 things for a price of 10! what a rip off! and who would pay 69 (easy?) payments of $69.69? its funny for a comertial, but at the same time a complete rip off.

Slick-Productions responds:

And yes, it's quite a rip-off. That's part of the humor. Of course, ALL commercial products are rip offs, aren't they? ;)