Reviews for "Commercial: Thing"


You'll get 8 for the price of 10 ha

Slick-Productions responds:

Hey! I got a 10 for the effort of an 8! Thanks!


Not much to look at in the art dept., but this is worth a laugh.

Slick-Productions responds:

That's all I'm asking for :)

I laughed.

Look! Science!
I have absolutely nothing negative to say except I laughed my pants off, which I'm sure Thing could fix or my money back.

Slick-Productions responds:

Totally will!
Thanks for liking it!

I Like Things!

But i prefer Stuff!

This Animation Was Okay Could Use More Work But It Was Pretty Funny!

Slick-Productions responds:

Yes, it was a little weak on the effort, but I have something big in mind........
Yeah, right, back to the review! Thanks!

Wow, lmfao

69 payments of $69.99 + 6.90 S&H

that is a grand total of $4,836.21

8 Things for the price of ten, what a rip off! That is an increase of who gives a fuck, I don't feel like dealing with that kind of math right now.

Still, Jeff Foxworthy's joke about medications and shit, still holds true.

"Half the time the side effects are worse than what the stuff is supposed treat or cure." lmfao

Slick-Productions responds:

I kinda based my side effects on Jeff Foxworthy's joke!
Actually, I DID base it off of that, but.