Reviews for "Commercial: Thing"


it wasnt the funniest thing ive seen on this site but it definitely was original and it made me laugh. so good job! (n_n)

Slick-Productions responds:

I wasn't going for best, so this makes me feel real good :D


Paris. Idaho was the funniest part IMO.

Slick-Productions responds:

Paris, Idaho is no joke, man! They're SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Don't like the 0 TOO much, but glad you reviewed anyways...

Pretty good

Glad you submitted it, don't feel bad. It's great :)

Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks! I'll be less low self-esteemish with my flashes next time.

fuck your things

^funny ^

Slick-Productions responds:

Hey! That is NOT what Things are used for!
They're used for everything else :P

Hhaha funny


That is such a....THIng!!i want 8!=)

Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks :D