Reviews for "(Clouds)"

Pretty amusing

Even though the animation wasn't the best (but still good enough), and some of the scenes were a bit too long, this video had a nice look to it, was colorful and made me smile. It was funny at times and the song was good in pitched-up version. Nice.

Definitely one of the most

uplifting flashes i've ever seen on newgrounds, very well done

Pretty awesome!

I like it! Though an improvement would have been some psychedelic rainbows towards the end!!!! Now THAT would have been AWESOME!

DaBigCow responds:

Aw man, the rainbows would have been a great idea, I wish I had thought of that


YES! finnaly somone puts some Rumble Strips music vids up!

DaBigCow responds:

Glad to see someone else knows who they are, an awesome band!


I am so incredibly happy now. VERY AWESOME FLASH!!!!!