Reviews for "(Clouds)"

Such a cheerful song.

Makes you smile.

DaBigCow responds:

Apparently its very uplifting, haha


I actually really liked it, It made me laugh for some reason. XD. Either way it cheered me up the way you sped up the song it and sync'd it exactly


It's a feel good song (albeit 5 pitches above normal) but it sounds really good. The video that you made for it is superb. yeah there was some repetition to it, but it was awesome nonetheless. kudos to you sir, this is going in my favs!


DaBigCow responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm sure I could of made it a little less repetitive but I'm happy with the final result.

well hot damn! you braught something a bit new to

this site.

i loved this so much!
please do more like this,very uplifting.

P.S-great great work!!

DaBigCow responds:

Glad you feel its original, thanx!


The animations itself wasn't anything special, just some tweens and stuff. The choreaography was good, lipsynching, was ok. Nothing otherwordly though.

DaBigCow responds:

It was kept simple, and I think that's why it worked together well.