Reviews for "(Clouds)"


AWESOME, definitely randomly awesome.

Great job, I would have a hard time keeping my composure making that flash, having to replay that song 50 billion times to line up the animation must have sucked, lol.

DaBigCow responds:

Haha, yeah, I think that my brain may have deteriorated slightly while making it! Its a good song though so it actually didn't bother me that much. I can't stop singing it though when I walk around, thanks.

Frikin sweet.

I love the banging of the heads to play the instruments. Totally made my day. I also like the animations, I think I like them better like this then if they were all refined. Also, you are holding the trombone wrong. Other than that though, I frikin loved it.

DaBigCow responds:

Yeah, I had trouble with the trombone. Next time I'll make sure everyone is holding their instruments right, haha. Glad you enjoyed it though!


Music is synced perfectly, clever uses of lighting, and smooth animation. Wonderful song as well. Great Job.

very nice!

that was pretty funny the way the main singer was high pitched. real nice instrument movement. kudos for putting the 3 valves on the trumpet!!! but your trombonest was lacking. you had him holding it wrong. one hand needs to be on the vertical bar attached to the slide to move it for pitch change. the other is holding on farther back to hold up the trombone (you had the farther back one right). i noticed and thought i'd let you know since you were paying so much attention to the other instruments. but the rest was really nice and you did great!!! good stuff.

like andrugolf said ' enjoyable'

vid was good but need better graphics. lol just seeing that guy bang his head on the drums made me laugh