Reviews for "(Clouds)"

I thought so

I didn't read the description at first, but when I saw the vid I was guessing already that it was a sped up version of some song. You pulled it off though, I like it!!!!
Sped up or not, it was cool to see such simple animation perform so well with a squeeky song!


That was absolutely amazing! That is like the new schviggity schvelve! if thats how you spell it

DaBigCow responds:

I don't know what that is but thanks anyways!

Great Job!

That was so Awesome!!! Keep up the Magnificent work!



i enjoyed it 10/10 man

i reckon that was better than egoraptor and some other guys new flash that came out today

loved the music tho ;)


I can honestly say that this is one of the only flash animations on this site that really made me smile! It is extremely fun and fighting back a chuckle is near impossible!

DaBigCow responds:

I'm thrilled you had fun watching it, that's how I felt making it!