Reviews for "(Clouds)"

good music and idea

but bad animation


amaizing, this is getting favourited, great job

Love it!

I watched this three whole times in a row. It's fantastic, well done. My one criticism is this: some of the mouth-audio syncing is off, and the mouths the guy makes to say 'Lookin' at the clouds' are a bit...er...'dodgy'. You'll get better at it as you go. That's what The Swain said to me.


Wow that was nothing like I had been expecting! Loved the song, but is it really speed up like everyone is saying or did you just raise the pitch?
Anyway, it's a really cool version of the song (don't know original) and it's going in my faves :D

DaBigCow responds:

Its sped up, the original song is great!

Loved it

Amazing what you did there with a sped up version of a song. Animations fit perfectly to the song.
Well done.

10/10 + favorited