Reviews for "(Clouds)"

Rating: Awesome

Film Idea: Awesome
Animation: Standard
Audio: Awesome
Backround Music: Awesome
Film Type: Song
Comments: A hilarious song about clouds
For the Maker: this was incredibly funny and I hope you make more

DaBigCow responds:

The overall awesomeness hides the standard animation, haha, true...thanks


..But, it was great song and animation, but the end, wtf the end was so NOT god, to crazy!

DaBigCow responds:

What was wrong with the end?

Ten is not enough...

That was the best flash I've ever seen. I saw the video twenty times in a row and have only stopped to write a comment^^

hahaha oh men!!!!

its fucking awesome and crazy hahaha

this is so stupid

but funny

DaBigCow responds:

Haha, I think that describes it perfectly!