Reviews for "Green Terror"

Good concept

but it needs work. Its fun for maybe the first couple levels, but quickly losses it's entertainment value. Keep trying and this could be a great game

Somewhat ambivalent

no winning graphics

no new concept (lets face it- cannon, ragdoll, and invading aliens has been done.)

The difficulty of the levels was only as troubling as the solutions I found. Firing as much as possible and clicking 'Next level" before I accidentally killed my own guy.

At the same time...it isn't horrible.

I think I've seen something like it...

Aha I have seen it before is a game called Ragdoll cannon.
It's on Newgrounds so here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /477742
Try it out and see which is better (I think Ragdoll cannon's better)

could use fine tuning but very good

got stuck on level 23

tht waz ok

the game waz ok but i ddnt knw wat 2 do after u kill da alion