Reviews for "Green Terror"

Pretty good

Overall this was a good game, however, it had a flaw that really bugged me, if you slightly tapped the alien it would fall over but the game wouldn't be won. Same with the people, if they were knocked over slightly it wouldn't be over but this made the game easier.
If you make another you should have a better main menu and probably different game modes for example one where it has all four walls or just a simple shooting range where you can blow the hell out of all the aliens :D.

pretty good

the game was well very planned man, i mean the magnet thing and the ball moves were really good. i enjoyed palying it but still you could put some more challenges in a sequel because the idea is pretty good

i dont get it

how the


You win on a 26th level and that's that????
I don't know of how to honestly judge this...my 6/10 was based on game toughness and this wasn't really that difficult; quality and you lied about the physic of this game...BOOOOOO!; and how well it was put together in like 3 hrs. or less.
How did you manage to get 10/10?????!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW


The visuals were not good, characters design, also not that good..
The gravity is alittle...Light, i'll say.

Beyond that its a good time killer.