Reviews for "Green Terror"


I enjoyed the game. There was a sort of addicting quality to it. Unfortunately a lot of the levels were just reduced to random firing and hope you get the alien and not your human. There also seemed to be a lack of difficulty curve, starting somewhere around medium-hard and going up from there (not that there's anything against hard level, but when the game is nothing but hard levels...). And as several others have mentioned, the idea of being able to lose because you weren't fast enough to click "Next Level" does seem somewhat...unfair. But it was still fun to play. Something about it kept me playing even while i was losing over and over again :D


The physics and shooting are okay, but hte gameplay is boring. levels get repetitive, no new obstacles, some levels are almost exactly. At level "star", when the ice block falls on marine's head it doesn't damage it, nor the arm, but damages the leg wich makes it die. You could try making a new game out of this. The idea is great!

Nice concept

There is a problem however, and that is that is not so much a puzzle game but more so a game of trial and error with physics. Don't get me wrong, it was a very enjoyable game, but I found myself just having to adjust my aim by the most minuscule amount in order to take out the Alien. It went from fun to frustrating quite quickly, I will cut you some slack however, as it is very hard for most games to escalate the difficulty without being needlessly cheap.

And regarding the art style, I really didn't like it, it certainly doesn't look bad, but rather unpolished. Some of the colors were somewhat grainy and bland, maybe a use of brighter colors could improve this.

The sound was good, I enjoyed the applause when I made the alien explode into pieces.

I liked how you say "fail" if I hit the Human, and "epic fail :)" if I hit the Alien then the Human, it would normally make me mad when that happened, but that little comment put a smile on my face.

Overall it was very good, physics games cannot be easy to make, and I like the amount of creativity you put in it, the problem is that before long it becomes somewhat redundant.

Anyway, keep it up, and congrats on the front page!

It was pretty good.

Original-ish idea, simple controls. All in all its a good addicting game. I gave it a 7 out of 10 because there's room for improvement. Like others have said, fix the way the bodies collapse and a few other things and this'll be just fine.


The game was okay. Above average i suppose but got pretty hard after a while.