Reviews for "Green Terror"


it was ok, very repetitive

fun :|

it was a really fun game and addicting (the physics were great too), but destruction wasn't that realistic. People do not fall apart that easily and in such a doll like manner. Still great though :3.

Good, but not great,

This game had a good idea and it was pretty fun untill about half way into it. It needs a little something extra, maybe more aliens or a spaceship to hit. A storyline would be good as well.

kidna annoying

I know you put those magnets in to make it challenging but it got really annyoing fast. otherwise pysics were awesome, textures were bad tho.

It's okay

It's an okay gravity well puzzle game. I think the space marine guys need to leave or grab a gun. All in all, average. I give you extra points for the setting.