Reviews for "Green Terror"

fun and addicting

great physics, loved it. everything was good.

got stuck on lvl 24 though, code star.

It was fun

It was a great game.. but the guy you're trying to protect was a crying pussy... i had things BARELY even bump him and he went off losin his head. but it was fun, and very well done

simplicity is the ultimate tool of science

Like Davinci said, simple is good. this game was far better than i thought and it earned all 8 of my stars

Pretty Cool!

haha I'm on place 6
It's pretty cool !


The physics and shooting are okay, but hte gameplay is boring. levels get repetitive, no new obstacles, some levels are almost exactly. At level "star", when the ice block falls on marine's head it doesn't damage it, nor the arm, but damages the leg wich makes it die. You could try making a new game out of this. The idea is great!