Reviews for "Green Terror"


This is a great game. I don't understand why people are giving it such a hard time. It's annoying, but annoying in a way that makes it addictive. I'm on level 14 now and can't figure out how to kill the alien. Not that I really care cos its fun just to shoot the spaceman's head off anyway. Of course it would be better with more detailed figures, but i think they are fine the way they are and I don't think there is anything wrong with the physics either. 5/5 10/10 and favourited!

Good but boring after lvl 20

This game attracted me mostly because of the physics, apply these type of physics or better in your upcoming games.

After lvl 23 I got pretty bored, so be a little more dynamic and you should have a better audience, even though - it was really fun and interactive so you have my 10 :)

and my 5/5



epic fail that was so lol


wooo i passed it!!!!


Great game! I beat it! It seamed short though! You have to make another but make it longer and have different characters to chose from!