Reviews for "Green Terror"


I LUV IT I CANT STOP PLAYING IT 10 STARS 10 STARS 10 STARS 10 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game

but far from perfect...
physics could really use some work.

For instance, the guys shouldn't loose arms or bodyparts unless they are hit by a fast ball. If they don't, they should just fall.

Characters should have better graphics (those sucks), and the game itself should be more challenging. (a limited amount of ammo is a good start)

Besides that, is not a bad.

Good concept

but it needs work. Its fun for maybe the first couple levels, but quickly losses it's entertainment value. Keep trying and this could be a great game

Astronaught die too easily.

I've played way better physics games.

That human has like a severe case of leprosy, and bone-eating tumors.
Also, most of the stages are solved by firing lightly, or by shooting into the sky.

Funny concept.

Enjoyed the concept. Great physics, and good graphics.