Reviews for "Green Terror"


It was good, some stages where just to easy but some just took time to get. I've got to 2nd to the last level and it was pretty easy. Thanks for the game, I spend hours playing it. :]

very very good

I really liked it the gravity and physics efects were pretty good to me and that epic fail stuff was cool XD nice game overall addicting and fun...


good for boring hours at work but i would like it more if you've to destroy thist dumb guy instead of the alien who is more sympathic

Not bad

The gravity well effect isn't new, but you use it well. The only flaw is the ability to kill your own guy after you kill the alien, because at some point the bouncing balls will nail your own guy even if you hit the alien too. I'd advise more skill-based levels, versus the shoot until you hit the alien and quickly hit the Next button like tieton said. Other than that, good game.

Haha fun fun

Hey this was fun, good job! This was fairly well done for the most part, the graphics were smooth, the physics were ok (kinda off, but ok) the ball would sometimes veer off in another direction in levels without magnets, the SFX were fine, but i did find it annoying that the guy lost his body parts to easily, if you make another, try and make him a bit tougher so we wont have to worry about the odd ball just rolling around on the ground being pulled by a magnet to take him out. Hah i laughed when i got the EPIC FAIL way to lose a level. If you were to try to make a sequel to this game, try to add a few more obsticals, toughen the idiot who stands in the way of the cannon up; to increase difficulty, maybe add another guy into the mix, add some background music, and time the balls so that they dont stay in the game untill it deletes one because the player is firing another and its at the maximum number of balls out (that should help with the whole killing the guy because the screen is cluttered).
All in all tho, it was a fun outcome, so good job!