Reviews for "Green Terror"

THis is good...

Ign oring killy-stabby, I say that thnisz game is respectfully challenging, SO much that I thourghly enjoy blowing that space gay to smitherinze!!!


its always the samething with no reward.....

teen for mild violence?

when i see a dude blown into a thousand pieces by a rocket, thats mild violence, but when i see a pile of blocks stacked coincidentally stacked in the shape of a human get hit with an orange foamy looking ball, i call it dodge ball, and you game sucks dude, its challenging and all but there is no real reward for beating a level, and its just the same s**t over and over again, sorry dude.


I enjoyed the game. There was a sort of addicting quality to it. Unfortunately a lot of the levels were just reduced to random firing and hope you get the alien and not your human. There also seemed to be a lack of difficulty curve, starting somewhere around medium-hard and going up from there (not that there's anything against hard level, but when the game is nothing but hard levels...). And as several others have mentioned, the idea of being able to lose because you weren't fast enough to click "Next Level" does seem somewhat...unfair. But it was still fun to play. Something about it kept me playing even while i was losing over and over again :D


When i first started playing this i thought itd be alittle diffrent then it is. also i didnt like it at first but it got more and more challenging so i kept playing. turned out to be an alright game