Reviews for "Green Terror"

great game

graphics need a slight adjustment as for level 19, bounce it off the floor at full power, it will go towards magnet, swing around and hit the alien


And Challenging


It was okay, but a bit glitchy, I found a glitch where when you fire a stream of balls keep firing out making it impossible to hit the alien withought spraying the other guy with ahem balls...

Other than that, it was pretty fun.

Also, guys you don't rate a game poorly BECAUSE IT'S CHALLENGING.

hells yeaaa!!! i love it!!!

dude if you completely hate thing game then you dont belong on newgrounds or any other fuckin online games site. noone wats to hear your shit especially the author that worked hard to make this game so shut your fuckin mouth and stop writing bad reviews and giving low votes to awesome games like this.

was ok

level 19
password: open

thats how far i got before i got bored and stuck. things need to be improved. different weapons or different obstacles please. or maybe a different gun.