Reviews for "Green Terror"

i dont get it

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what nutcasenightmare said

the alien should explode into a shower of tiny giblets. PERIOD also i had the paitience to complete the game... and the last level password has something to do with 180 degrees

A great test of patience...

...which doesn't really go well with many Newgrounders. It's challenging, yes, but for me, the real time physics of the alien being blown to pieces was worth it.

However, I do feel the game gets a little repetitive after a while, as it's the same environment, same graphics, same music, same goal, and same objects. Also, I found it frustrating that once I found that 'sweet spot', I had to move the mouse to click the Reset button. Maybe allowing the player to press 'Space' or 'R' would be better?

Also, try using cookies instead of codes to allow the player to go to another level. It's a lot easier for the player.

Lastly, blood. I would have really loved to see tonnes of blood just SQUIRT right out of their bodies. ("Please, lie down on the couch.") For some reason blood gives me, as well as other Newgrounders, the incentive to keep on playing. Perhaps make the alien squirt more blood than the astronaut, as a reward system.

Quite good, overall!


When i saw it said real time physics and stuff like that i had to try it and i glad i did!! :D Kept me entertained for about half and hr or so. Gets challenging and a little repetitive but still extremely fun!


Not good, but not bad, some of the levels were overly frustrating and some where overly simplistic.