Reviews for "Green Terror"

Bit Hard

i actually liked the game, just freaking hard!

could be better

it's a really lovely game, however a few things are letting it down.

first, great solid gameplay, the physics engine was pretty awesome. so my main goal is to hit the alien with a small orange ball, easy enough, and I was happily welcomed by "WIN" - when I had successful finished that levels task. a little bug I found however, at one point of gameplay, I managed to fire the orange ball at the alien's torso, however no "WIN" was given, however I was still allowed to continue onto the next level.

graphics wise, it's really amateur, quite basic, if you could polish up the background and some of the main aspects, (alien, spaceman); they done the job though, which is better than nothing.

the only thing I was a little disappointed about, please don't use words like "FAILURE" to indicate if I've done something wrong (i.e shooting the spaceman) you can laugh, but it's not really user-friendly, all things considered, it's an interesting game, and I enjoyed playing it, as I've said, just a few things new polishing up.


Add Extra Game-Modes.
Add Achievements
Add More Levels

This is a really fantastic game and has lots of potential. Good Work.

Okay but based on luck

Last level code: line
eh its okay i guess, frustrating, mostly based on luck but i like just doing head shots on the human just for kicks. If there was a sequel there should be like a headshot mode or something, an achievement for headshots on the human, that'd be hilarious.

Great game

I don't know what SOME people are talking about, but this game is magnificent.
Fun and addicting, this game will be one of my favorites