Reviews for "Green Terror"

Needs lots more

First of all, why does it say "realistic"? Nothing is realistic in that game (and not talking about aliens or that, I'm talking of how the bodies react). They shouldn't fall in pieces, they should fly around like ragdolls. And occasionally break something if the shock is too hard.

Secondly, more options would be nice(r). The levels get too boring, and even if gets more difficult the more you progress, the less you actually want to try.

Good but boring after lvl 20

This game attracted me mostly because of the physics, apply these type of physics or better in your upcoming games.

After lvl 23 I got pretty bored, so be a little more dynamic and you should have a better audience, even though - it was really fun and interactive so you have my 10 :)

and my 5/5


liked it

the rest was cool
p.s. the code to lvl 23 is move if you wanna give it a try

I think I've seen something like it...

Aha I have seen it before is a game called Ragdoll cannon.
It's on Newgrounds so here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /477742
Try it out and see which is better (I think Ragdoll cannon's better)


This is such a fun and cool game, i got totally sucked into killing the alein... I wish it were a bit easier to win though, cause I knocked the alien over, but still didnt win...