Reviews for "Green Terror"

A little boring

The idea was brilliant except all it was is just re-applying the same physics to different possitions. The physics btw were brilliantly done, I didnt find a single glitch or problem with the entire game, it was just abit dull doing the same thing over and over.

It was over all a very good, but sightly dull game. "CONGRADULATIONS! WIN!"

when you get an EPIC FAIL, makes me lol :)


it was ok, very repetitive


epic fail that was so lol


the guy who postet rght before me said everything that had to be said!

Pretty good

Overall this was a good game, however, it had a flaw that really bugged me, if you slightly tapped the alien it would fall over but the game wouldn't be won. Same with the people, if they were knocked over slightly it wouldn't be over but this made the game easier.
If you make another you should have a better main menu and probably different game modes for example one where it has all four walls or just a simple shooting range where you can blow the hell out of all the aliens :D.