Reviews for "Green Terror"

Very cool.

I really liked this.

I got about 20 or so levels in. While the first few levels felt like they were strategy based, after a while it was trial and error for the most part. I'd just launch 4 balls in different directions and see where they bounced. Some levels were really tricky, and others were incredibly easy.

I did have fun though. I liked the "epic fail" moments where you killed the alien and then killed the dude afterwards. Nice little easter egg.

Not Very Good

Its more easy to make the "man" die than the "green thing"
The graphics are realy bad
The gameplay dont save the game, cuz he is a realy bad game
The gameplay arent very good also.
Can be realy best

too hard

interesting but to tediouce

what the hell

how do you get out of the first level??
i bet this is a good game though........

Good Game!

I like the idea and how if the ball hits the people they fall like lego. To improve you can make some balls disapear if there are like 10 balls on the map, make limited shots or have a health so it takes more shots. AWSOME GAME, I RECOMEND!!!