Reviews for "Green Terror"

Holy Crap

Is lv 21 even possible, or is it just all luck? Between the magnet and the ramps, I can barely hit the human, much less the alien. Nice game. There's been others like it, but this one is pretty entertaining with the way the guy/alien dies. The "Epic Fail"...that's just mean. =D

The most addictive game ive ever played

I literally played for 45 mintes staight omg

Very nice

love the physics


This is one of those great little games you can play for ages and ages and ages, it'd be good if the scoring system was a bit more advanced though. But anyway this is an awesomely fun and original game!


This kept me entertained for like an hour. Good work man, simple graphics, but fun game play. Sometimes I got stuck on a level for so long though T_T

Only thing I'd change for mechanics is longer time for cannon to go from 0 to fully charged, so more precised power for shots.