Reviews for "Green Terror"


wooo i passed it!!!!

i dunno

The game was alright. Physics were alright.

The puzzle aspect of the game was really lacking. To me, it just felt like i was randomly firing and hoping that the ball takes a lucky bounce or something.

Just alright.


on level 3 if you hit the alien with the ball moving towards the person and rapidly press the next level (or where its going to be) it will create two aliens and two men in the same place on the next level causing the aliens to fall down off their spot and an easy win for level four,
Great game though

Wow, challenging

Haven't wrote a review for a game yet but this one I will. I tried the game and at first it was easy. Then it started to get difficult. I got to I think about level 21 and I gave up. Next day I started thinking about it and I couldn't let it go, so I yet again put in my code and went at it again and refused to give up. Glad to say after being stuck on 21 for a while I beat it. I actually beat the game and the end code is "line" if I remember correctly.

I enjoyed that some variable were thrown in each level to make the task at hand difficult. I think a little more force should be needed to actually disrupt the man or alien. A little poke sometimes and they seem to shatter apart. Perhaps some more levels would be good to add some more fun for those who like a good challenge. This game is an excellent time waster. Don't really need any directions or special skills to play the game. Anyone can just jump in and play.

Overall I like the game. More levels and maybe a little work on the alien and man with the amount of force it takes to break them and it could be better. But its a great game as is!

great game

it was fun and simple, took awhile to find out what the orange magnet was. I did get to lvl 24 favorite ones are "clop" and numb".