Reviews for "Green Terror"


challenging at times. If you release a sequel, more levels and achievements might be good. I've finished it a few times but I still go back for more.
What is also fun is just firing a ball into the human and watching him shatter! lol


Good game, but there was a problem with the submit score. I had trouble trying to type my name without trying to submit bfore I put my name in.

Nice Idea!

But it's gettin damn hard and later on it's just about luck.. and somehow the guy I should not hit seems magnetic too :D
Anyway nice physics, nice ides!

Pretty cool

Overall, that was a pretty cool game. A few of the levels were unnecessarily hard, however.

None the less, the physics were great and the concept was great too. Keep makin' them!



core, thats the code you use to get to level 22 and if you want to beat 21 it's all about luck