Reviews for "Green Terror"


good game very addictive i got to level 24 SOOOOOO CLOSE anyways 9/10 because i hit the guy really hard and it did nothing then a ball came up and barely tapped boom leg fell off same concept with the alien but all in all decent

Really Nice!

Very well done, physics were fun to play around with

Got to LVL 19, proof is level code = open

It was pretty good.

Original-ish idea, simple controls. All in all its a good addicting game. I gave it a 7 out of 10 because there's room for improvement. Like others have said, fix the way the bodies collapse and a few other things and this'll be just fine.

Fun game. Bodys die to easyliy

The game is really fun i played it 3 times. Some levels are challenging but the Bodys collapse to easily and randomly. Like my ball hit the space guy once and he didnt collapse then another ball hit him gentlyer and his arm fell off. So thats kinda strange lol


This was entertaining, enough to keep me interested while I sit here at work. I like the physics of the game alot, and it was very smooth. It would have been nice to see more destruction though, but very fun. I beat all 26 levels.