Reviews for "Green Terror"


Great game, 10/10.

And Marcus, their were plenty of physics. o_o


It said good phisics though,and I didn't see any here.I'll just say it's hard.

Loseing is fun!

I couldn't help but on every single level kill the mother fucking human time after time after time, and LOL at EPIC FAIL :) that was hilarious, but killing that pos human was def the best part. Hell, you should make a game where you gotta find ways to kill that fucker with a bunch of chain reactions.

POS gets in the way too much, I recommend you play this game when pissed and blow his head off as much as you can.

really nice, got to lvl 21 and got bored.

code for level 21, is pack i believe.

Sweet game

Very original. Beat it in about 20 minutes though. make more.

Password= Line