Reviews for "Green Terror"


The visuals were not good, characters design, also not that good..
The gravity is alittle...Light, i'll say.

Beyond that its a good time killer.


You win on a 26th level and that's that????
I don't know of how to honestly judge this...my 6/10 was based on game toughness and this wasn't really that difficult; quality and you lied about the physic of this game...BOOOOOO!; and how well it was put together in like 3 hrs. or less.
How did you manage to get 10/10?????!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW


this is a rly fun game i keep playing it and it doesnt get old very nice tho im not sure how the pointing system is based other than that awsome keep up the good work


I could only make it to star (24). How many levels are there?


so much fun and a little strategy!