Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"


I liked it, it was like something off of Alice in wonderland like the way the voices made the speech pop up, and the whole plant thing i thought that was really good, the animation speaks for its self on that part. good job.
and for those of you who say its pointless, it really isnt, if you consider this one pointless then you must say every other animation is pointless, because in most of them the characters come from the authors mind so they are just made up such as this one thus it is a figment of imagination you are watching :)

kaav responds:

Thank you for a lovely comment Skullbood2. Most appreciated.

Very nice...

Somewhat abstract (which I usually dislike) but I loved this. Definitely not expecting his voice to look like that :P



Maybe i'm just tripping, but I swear I just saw the little shop of horror plant eat some asian kid with down syndrome... Only Newgrounds... 10/10 5/5

kaav responds:

Hahahahaha!! A perfect comment! It's so true!


I liked the style, i would love to see more of the same kind. Just make it longer and we'll all be happy

My older dead brother...

is also named Marco. He liked to draw and write, but he wasn't dumb. 10/10 for letting me remember my older bro. Dead or alive. Thank you.