Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

Ho-lee Jesus

This is awesome. The bouncing animation made this win all the more.

Wackiedk responds:

Ho-lee thanks

Excellent game

I found this game to be really really really fun :D
excellent work
please hope it don't get blammed

Wackiedk responds:

Thank you sir!


okay, i LOVED this game! i cant stop playing XD the only problem is that the dudes on the ropes shot's were hard to dodge D= i also kinda thought some of the simpler things in the game were too expencive, like the arms :S but i guess in the end after paying so much there worth it :P anyways i thought this was a great game and maybe you can make another with a side-scrolling dealio which would be awesome. keep up the good work!!!

Great Game. Indeed.

A good game. Very addictive. It made me used 30 mins. of game time. Nice upgrades. :]


Yeah, This kind of games should be in the front page.
I really enjoyed it and the best is that even if you close the game you can still play it from where you left it. So I'm gonna play again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and keep enjoying this wonderful game!

Thanks and Congratulations for making this great flash!