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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

Veeery nice

But I found some bugs:

- If you swing your melee weapon rapidly and press the the left or right arrow you can get inside the walls(the monsters still can get you). And if you are with a golden wheel by pressing the same buttons the wheel will become gray.

- You can't pick up several coins that are at the same place.

-Sometimes coins, bombs, or dynamites can appear in the main menu.

Wackiedk responds:

We are aware of the bugs and we have regulated some of them, but sometimes they still occur.

goog game

This is a good ame but if you had a lower lever wheels, like the first body so you could get more at the beginning instead of being very slow then saving up and suddenly being fast

fixes and new part

you should fix the moving and shooting problem...increase the fire rate and movement...you should also make a fighting area bit bigger...you should add a lot more upgrades...and shield...make it useful...I mean I can't use it...it's supposed to block attack...
Game is good but you should improve it a bit...
We're waiting for next part...Enjoy

great game

i liked the game but the robot kept on going in one direction and it took a while to fix that. it kept on happening alot


really good game, loved the upgrades. I played this for hours! I hope to see more like this from you in the future